Philosophy – Our Consulting Principles

Our philosophy for consulting is based on the following guidelines:

Focus man

Our consulting services focus on the human being in your organisation. We assume that resources for solutions are existent within your organisation, among your employees. Fostering these resources and releasing the creative potential combined with systematic and target-oriented monitoring ensures success with your projects and acceptance among involved and affected persons.


Concepts and ideas have to be realisable otherwise the atmosphere of change turns into the contrary: frustration. Not “complicated” but “simple”, not “appropriate” but “good”, not “valid today” but “tomorrow still”. These are some of our claims, which we want to be measured against with our consulting services.


We consider in our consulting the effects on the whole organisational system. Success comes only if cascading consequences are anticipated from a systemic point of view.


To turn affected persons into contributive participants is important in change projects. Together with your employees we discuss the solutions. This implies that we first make an analysis of the initially given situation. As next step we develop together with you solutions that we both think are promising and achievable. And we accompany you during the time of realisation.

Resource oriented

Success and development of people and organisations depend on boosting and increasing given competence and building new competence. The potential for solutions to new challenges lies more often than not dormant within the organisation. To free this potential for new ways and ideas is our approach. We help you to find resources within your company and enable you to go tomorrow new, own, better ways and to be suitably equipped for the day after tomorrow.