Management Development Programme

The systematic and targeted development of the executive team is a strategic success factor for any organization. This has been shown in academic research, and demonstrated by companies who define consistent management development their top priority. Management development starts with a skill set assessment. The analysis of future challenges and skills required to meet such challenges then leads to the content of the management development programs. These programs and tools are subject to continuous development, and adjustments to the programs arise from many factors, such as new scientific knowledge, the development of the organization, new or changed requirements in the market, new internal requirements, or changing demands from employees.

Ploch & Team supports you with proven methods and concepts in the design and definition phase, implementation, and the continuous development and adaptation of your programs.

Management Development Programme

An organization’s success depends on its employees. Research has shown that the most important factor differentiating world-class from successful organizations is the selection and continuous, strategic development of its management team. Enduring success is strongly correlated to a consistent identification and development of senior and junior executives (management trainees). The early identification of future leaders in an organization has many advantages, among the more tangible benefits are being less expensive than mid-career top executive hiring, higher loyalty, or stronger corporate identity.

Ploch & Team works closely with your organization on the early identification of candidates with high management potential, and on developing tailor-made programs supporting these candidates in achieving their full career potential.

Our aim is to make your employees and your organization more successful. We achieve this by using proprietary tools on supporting your employer branding activities, talent identification and development, combined with our team’s extensive experience as professional, certified coaches. Everyone working at Ploch & Team has extensive work experience in management development, and our typical consultants on projects have worked with some of the largest and internationally most respected companies across a variety of industries for more than two decades.

Career Coaching and Counseling

Ploch & Team defines career coaching as coaching of employees with the aim to reflect on their personal career planning and their professional abilities, and to include the results of this process into a meaningful and goal oriented personal development plan. The advantages of external career advisors such as Ploch & Team in this process are their neutrality, their impartiality, and their broad experience of different industries, organizations and hierarchy levels to help the coachee better understand his/her career objectives. Our consulting takes a comprehensive approach, combining the feasible with the desirable, looking at private life factors, the professional career, the coachee’s motivation, outlook on life and performance, to name just a few factors.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is often triggered by an individual crisis or a desire for professional improvement. These triggers are often found within an organizational context (restructuring, dislocation, globalization), but can also be individual, personal desires for change (need for a sparring partner, perceived loss in performance, burn-out), or be a recommendations of a manager or colleagues.

Regardless of being triggered internally or externally, or being the result of a gradual process or a sudden career event, most coachees would like to talk to a trustworthy person who can independently and competently analyze and reflect on the situation, address specifics, and bring in new perspectives and behavior.

Ploch & Team stands by your side during coaching – confidentially, competent and professional – to develop within the defined time suitable and possible solutions which will help you find new and more successful ways in your work environment.

Leadership Training

Increasing leadership competence is a core objective of leadership development. We work closely with you to define the content you and your executive team believe is most appropriate to your organization. We provide service during the diagnostic phase, content development, and in cooperation with the target group, training development towards a systematic increase of leadership competence. We often support groups of executives through modules with differing foci to ensure the success and to enable further leadership competence learning. We draw in our training on traditional and modern methods, and work systematically and person-oriented. We also look at the “big picture” to avoid a disconnect between parts of the training. We define our role as a goals-driven, competent facilitator in your leadership competence training.

Agreement of Objectives

Agreement of objectives is a widely-used management tool. Yet, according to our experience, the correct application leaves much to be desired for. Understanding the idea behind this instrument is important, not simply filling out the boxes in the “Agreement of Objectives”. Ploch & Team helps you in turning your ideas into a modern objective agreement system, supported by appropriate communication modules and communication tools. Our aim is to turn the vision of an Agreement of Objectives into a leadership tool for responsible, motivated employees, helping them solve tasks successfully. This requires an organisation-specific, yet target-group adapted Agreement of Objectives, lived and breathed by employees and managers alike, with the implementation motivating everyone towards achieving agreed objectives.

Performance Appraisals

Performance appraisals are used in all organisations today, and have become an indispensable management tool. However, they do not always meet objectives, and nearly two-thirds of employees surveyed have stated the lack of clear performance feedback in the corporate assessment system is the main shortcoming of a company’s performance appraisal system. This data alone shows the disconnect between expectation and reality of a performance appraisal system, and the reasons for such divergence are often not only the system itself but also its incorrect or incomplete application by management.

Ploch & Team has extensive experience in the development and implementation of assessment and development systems across a wide range of industries and organizations. Based on this experience, we can help you design a system that avoids such acceptance and performance-threatening faults during development and implementation: A manageable assessment and development system that suits you and your organization’s purposes and fulfils in particular the expectations of all users, your employees and your managers.