Our Claim


Being the most competent partner is our claim and the criterion we want to be measured against. This means for us that we accompany you to lead your projects to success.
State-of-the art methods, in-time and in-budget project-delivery and achievement of objectives are fundamental attributes. We complement this with critical judgement and look from an objective distance at feasibility and probability of success and acceptance. Not every seemingly good solution of a detail does necessarily lead to better overall solutions within your organisation.


We believe that every project requires a different solution. Our aim is to answer your individual expectations with feasible and successful solutions. We look at your organisation, and at how each individual within your organisation can best contribute to your success. This means we look for customised solution to achieve together with you success in your projects for your employees and your company.


We want to be measured against the goals we have defined at the beginning of the project. We align our consulting within the systematic context according to the perspectives of the target with consideration of effects. Not only do we take the optimum of the plan as measure but we want to find for and with you the best solution. Success, as we define it, can be measured quantitatively and qualitatively and not only at the end of a project, but in the way we work together as well. We consider that a major aspect.


Change-projects are successful if the objectives are measurable, realistic and achievable. We define success as: With consideration of the affected, not against them. It is important for us that the solutions we developed together are accepted in reality as improvement. Pragmatic solutions are not automatically bad. Complicated solutions are not automatically good. What leads to success for your organisation, motivates your employees and works – that is the right solution.