Coaching is defined as a specific, problem-related, person-centered consulting process primarily aimed at professional competence development. The process has a clearly defined length.


We define the aim for Coaching as re-establishing and/or increasing the leadership skills and self-learning abilities of the coachee (client) to initiate individual learning and reflection under professional supervision, and to increase awareness for problems, processes and solutions.
This approach is not limited to individual persons, and can also be applied to group settings.
Triggers for personal coaching arise mostly from individual crises or a desire for professional improvement. These individual triggers can be found within an organization (restructuring, dislocation, globalization), can be individual, personal wishes (need for a sparring partner, perceived loss in performance, burn-out), or it can be upon recommendations of a manager or colleagues.
Regardless whether internal or external reasons cause new professional or interpersonal requirements, or whether these reasons emerge gradually or suddenly – often there is a wish for a trustworthy person, who can independently and competently analyze the situation, and address and train new perspectives and options for behavior.
Ploch & Team stands by your side during coaching – confidentially, competent and professional – to develop within the defined time suitable and possible solutions which will help you find new and other and more successful ways in your work environment.

Management Sparring

A systematic human resources development also includes working with senior executives and functional experts. This individual consulting can be carried out as “Coaching” or “Management Sparring”.

In contrast to coaching, management sparring aims more at professional or interdisciplinary guidance, a “trying out options” or “thinking through alternatives” with a neutral third party. Emphasis is put more on confrontation and a critical thought exchange with a neutral person. Sparring – a word derived from sports – serves to work with a counterpart equally competent on ideas, concepts and abilities, capable to improve ideas and concepts, and able to identify previously unnoticed blind spots.  Typical triggers for management sparring can be Change Management projects, new business situations, far-reaching and professional debates due to a merger, or changes within an organization.  Ploch & Team will assist you in defining the appropriate plan for your specific situation.