Management Diagnostics

Hiring the right person for is one of the most classical and fundamental management decisions. Regardless of selecting an internal or external candidate, the costs can easily exceed $100,000. To assess abilities and potential of candidates und thus to minimize the risk of a mis-placement is the main goal of management diagnostics. Depending on function, scope, number of positions, and other, situation-specific factors, we recommend different approaches to the management diagnostics approach employed.

Any management diagnostics project at Ploch & Team starts with a thorough and broad context assessment of status-quo and desired outcomes with our clients. Our context assessment is built on the latest scientific and academic research, and their findings support the recommended instruments, such as cases studies, structured interviews, or simulation methods. We serve in management diagnostics projects as consultant and service provider, tailoring the solutions to your specific situation.

Ploch & Team has conducted several hundred management diagnostics projects across a variety of industries and management levels. Working with us will give you immediate access to this expertise, and will guarantee the highest degree of professionalism, an objective diagnostic assessment of all candidates, chosen or not chosen, and an objectively neutral partner towards all stakeholders in the process. Our approach has extremely high outcome acceptance by all individuals assessed, and by the employees in the organization who had their new manager selected through this process.

Individual Assessment

During an Individual Assessment, an individual’s suitability or potential for a position is assessed by one or several observers. This method is highly useful for senior management positions where the advantages of the individual assessment make this a highly reliable method (highly discreet, very flexible, high degree of professional fit assessment for a specific position, also applicable if very few candidates are available, high acceptance of participants).
Individual assessments gain in importance due to their flexibility and high degree of professional fit assessment for a specific position, in particular during re-structuring and filling of critical and strategically important positions.

Group Assessments

Group assessments are particularly suitable to continuously identify possible management candidates as part of long-term management development, or if a substantial number of equal or similar positions has to be filled in a short time such as during recruiting of university graduates or apprentices.

The advantages of the Group Assessment (economical, comparability, easy exchange and comparison of various modules) make this approach most suitable for long-term use in areas such as management development.

The focus of a group assessment can vary highly. A learning assessment is per definition different from a diagnostic management potential assessment or a selection assessment used for university graduates or apprentices.

Ploch & Team offers individualized, innovative and target-oriented solutions to fit your specific needs. We have successfully conducted several hundred individual and group assessments across a variety of industries and management levels.

Management Audits

Methodically, management audits focus on interview techniques and specific interview elements.

The advantages are their high flexibility and adaptability combined with high validity of a multi-modal interview. Especially during restructuring or changes in top management, management-audits are highly reliable techniques.

Management audits are generally well accepted, even if restructurings limit them to certain functions such as sales. In close collaboration with HR and their Business Partners, Ploch & Team provides highly professional, very experienced consultants working with the internal HR stakeholders. Collaboration with all internal stakeholders is a key success factor and of considerable importance for the outcome of such projects

Assessment Center: Candidate Selection

Filling vacant positions, internally or externally, is a high-risk decision for both parties. For the organization, the risks of hiring a not-fully qualified candidate to its business, employees, customers, and other stakeholders can be enormous. Financially, the exact impact is difficult to quantify but typically high, and often companies are forced to re-hire with all costs associated and time lost towards corporate objectives. The more senior the position, the higher the financial impact and motivational effect. The risk for the candidate is also considerable, risk of failure, dislike of the position once accepted, lack of qualifications, or falling from favor within the management talent pool. This risk can be substantially reduced by using position-optimized assessment procedures.

Another often overlooked aspect of using professionally managed recruiting procedures is an enhanced, positive corporate image and reputation of the company in the job market, bringing more and more qualified applicants into the recruiting pipeline. This relationship has been shown in various surveys conducted by HR consultancies and thorough university research. Ploch & Team has developed valid selection methods across a wide range of positions and industries. References available upon request.

Management Potential Diagnostics Assessment

Today’s potential of your employees drives tomorrow’s success, but only if this potential is correctly identified and developed. In many companies however we found that a high performing employee is, often incorrectly, thought of as an employee with high future potential. Research has shown that world-class companies understand this difference, and developing their high potential employees differentiates them from less successful companies.

Ploch & Team has extensive experience in identifying employees with high potential, fusing scientific models with proven and applied methods for our assessment. We define the term “high potential” not only in term of high leadership potential, but look beyond leaders into the different career paths open to your management team to find the best possible fit.

Crucial for tomorrows success are employees who can fill the so called “success-critical positions”. Ploch & Team will help you identify these high potentials today.